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Health and Leave Benefits

Health and Dental Coverage Insurance

Health Plan

Taylor University has a wonderful health insurance plan available to those who regularly work more than 30 hours per week. For more information about employee benefits:

Upland Area

Fort Wayne Area

If you will live outside these two areas, then contact the Benefit Specialist for more information.

Taylor participates in a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Encore/Encircle for the Upland area and Parkview Health/Signature Care for the Fort Wayne area; follow the links below to view providers who participate in the networks:

Upland Network: Encore Connect

Fort Wayne Network: Parkview Health


Taylor University believes that an employee’s quality of life can be greatly enhanced when time and attention is given to overall employee wellness. Our FiTU wellness program involves the total person including your spiritual life, your emotional health, your relational health, nutritional health, and physical health.

Examples of our wellness program include:

  • Free access to a wellness coach for employees to discuss their various wellness concerns.
  • Free blood draws and low cost annual physicals to assist employees with obtaining an annual physical assessment.
  • "Lunch and Learn," step challenges, and other wellness programs.
  • Cash awards for the employee and their spouse for completing an annual blood draw and biometric health screening with your doctor. Additional cash award for discussing those results with our wellness coach.
  • Access to the Kesler Student Activities Center (KSAC).
  • Access to student fitness trainers at the low cost of $3 per session.

Not only do we want our students to be whole persons, we want this for our employees as well.

Dental Plan

The dental plan at Taylor University provides for annual cleanings and some coverage for more extensive work.

See page 6 of the Upland or Fort Wayne documents provided above under Health for more information about reimbursement levels.

Long Term Disability

Long-term disability insurance is provided if you become disabled. After 90 calendar days of the disability, you will be paid 60% of your basic salary up to a maximum amount of $7,500.

Paid Leaves

Sick Leave

Sick time is provided to full-time employees (with some provision for part-time hourly employees). Non-exempt (hourly) employees build up a bank of sick time as they work. They may bank up to a maximum number of 65 business days.

Exempt (salaried) employees are permitted up to 65 days of sick time each fiscal year to allow for short-term disability coverage.

See the link to the sick time policy for a full description: Sick Leave Policy

Vacation Leave

Vacation time is provided and encouraged for our full-time employees. Non-exempt (hourly) employees build up a bank of vacation time as they work, up to a maximum number based on years of service. One week can be carried forward each fiscal year.

Exempt (salaried) employees are permitted up to 80 hours of vacation time the first year; 120 hours the second year and 160 hours the third year and every year thereafter, none of which may carry forward.

Nine-month faculty do not receive formal vacation time but have office hours per the faculty handbook.

See the link to the vacation policy for a full description: Vacation Policy

Personal Leave

Personal leave is available for full-time non-exempt (hourly) positions. Up to three days may be used for personal reasons with clearance from the supervisor. No personal time carries forward into the next year.

See the link to personal leave policy for full description: Personal Leave Time Policy