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Promotion and Tenure

Initial Faculty Rank

A faculty member’s initial rank is determined by the experience that faculty member brings to the position. That experience can be in either in higher education or in nonteaching areas of relevance to his/her position. Based on that assessment, the entry faculty rank, tenure track placement and promotion track position may be negotiated with the appropriate School dean. Factors in the determination of initial faculty rank include amount of preparation, degrees held, teaching experience and performance, general value to the institution in service on campus and in the community, and scholarship.


Faculty rank at Taylor University has four levels: instructor, assistant professor, associate professor and professor. The entry level for each faculty member is negotiated with the appropriate School Dean in consultation with the Provost (and the Dean of Faculty Development when being hired into that area) at the time of the first contract offer. Full professor is a rank normally reserved only for persons with doctoral degrees.


Full-time teaching faculty members are generally placed on the tenure track. A new employee's letter of employment specifies his/her status with regard to tenure. The probationary period leading to tenure is six years; however, the appropriate School dean may grant a maximum of three years credit toward the six years for appropriate prior experience.