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Area Living

The Crossroads of America isn't just a state motto, it's a fact of life. Residents of Upland, Indiana have an opportunity to grow close to friends and neighbors as a part of a small community. This allows residents to participate and engage in many local activities. Inaddition, well within driving distance of Upland, Indiana are multiple major metropolitan areas.

Need to drive 30 minutes or less? Muncie, IN, and Marion, IN are places to dine and shop.

Okay with an hour or so drive? Then Indianapolis, IN, Fort Wayne, IN, Kokomo, IN and several cities in Western Ohio become possible.

Four hours your maximum driving distance? Then you can get to Chicago, IL, Detroit, MI, Grand Rapids, MI, Louisville, KY, Cincinnati, OH and Columbus, OH.

Willing to drive up to six hours? Then Pittsburgh, PA, St. Louis, MO, Cleveland, OH, and Nashville, TN, are all within reach.

Look through the interesting opportunities on these pages and listen to the stories below to see why in Upland, Indiana we believe we can offer a "Small Town, (with a) Big Life."

Mark Cosgrove, PhD and JoAnn Cosgrove

Ryan James, MFA and Sara James, MAHE

Scott Oleson, MATC, MEL and Romni Oleson

Where our Employees Live:

We highly encourage employees to choose to make Upland, Indiana their home, in large part because we believe in our residential model of education that allows individuals as well as families to connect with and impact student lives long after traditional work hours are complete. In fact, we want and encourage our employees to get involved in the lives of our students!

However, we also understand that in today’s world, there are many reasons to live in other locations and commute to Upland. In order to help potential employees see other locations where families involved in the ministry of Taylor University choose to raise a family, we have provided the following chart that identifies where our employees call home.

Employee Home Addresses Cluster Map