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Faculty Teaching Class

Faculty Development

Taylor University takes very seriously the development of our faculty. As an excellent teaching institution, we strive to provide our faculty multiple opportunities with multiple avenues to improve their teaching skills and impact. The three areas that follow are the primary ways we accomplish that training.

Bedi Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence and Faculty Development

Mission: The Bedi Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (BCTLE) and Faculty Development equips, supports, and values faculty in their calling: 1) as teachers who foster students’ whole-person, faith-infused learning; 2) as scholars in teaching and learning, discovery, application, or synthesis; 3) as servant-leaders. The BCTLE and Faculty Development provide the following professional development opportunities:

  • BCTLE programs throughout the academic year
    • Workshops: pedagogy, learning theories, educational topics, technology (co-sponsored by the Academic Technology office), course and curriculum design (co-sponsored by the Curriculum Designer)
    • One-on-one consultations for teaching or scholarship
    • Sponsored peer teaching feedback
    • Sabbatical, tenure, and promotion assistance
  • Sponsored editors and guest speakers
  • Funding
    • Summer mini-grants for teaching and scholarship
    • Funding for scholarship at the national level (additional to yearly professional Development funds)
    • Funding for sabbatical scholarship
  • New faculty support
    • Mentoring
    • Two-day orientation
    • First-year bi-weekly orientation sessions
    • Faith-learning support
    • Funding for teaching and scholarship resources in the first two years
    • Faith-learning support
  • Adjunct faculty support (both onsite and online)
  • Awards and recognitions for teaching excellence

Annual Professional Development Funds

Taylor University desires to see our faculty continue to grow and thrive in the given areas of expertise and interest. Therefore, Taylor University provides a stipulated amount of funds for each full time professor per academic year which may be used for active participation in professional organizations, presentations at conferences, dues, journal subscriptions, or other such expenses.

Sabbatical Leaves

Taylor University believes in the value of sabbaticals as a time to refresh, re-energize, and develop our faculty. During the sixth consecutive year of full-time service at Taylor University, full-time tenure track faculty members who have attained at least the rank of assistant professor become eligible to apply for a sabbatical leave. Faculty members have one of the following options for sabbatical leave:

  • One academic year in duration at half the regular yearly salary.
  • One semester at full salary for the year.
  • One academic year of distributed half-load (at least 12 hours total teaching) at full salary for the year.
  • One semester plus January term at full salary for the year, with the understanding that the load for that year’s teaching semester shall be at least 12 hours (Faculty Handbook, Section 6.6).