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Taylor University accomplishes its mission by attracting to its community a quality staff and faculty who, above all else, are committed by professing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and by serving under His authority. In turn, everyone who comes to Taylor takes an active and comprehensive role in developing students spiritually, emotionally, and of course, academically—it is truly a discipleship process.

Taylor University is also committed as we strive to create and build a multicultural workforce with a representative tapestry of talents. It is even more than a commitment, it is a biblical mandate we are striving to achieve. Taylor University…a rich heritage, purposefully creating a rich tapestry!

We believe effective student discipleship requires willingness to commit time and care whenever and however the opportunity for student growth presents itself.

Why Christian Higher Education?
We believe that a great calling exists on those who choose to apply their working lives and talents to the work of Christian Higher Education.

Giving oneself to training up the next generation of leaders of the Church is a calling of significance and joy. Whether teaching students, coaching students, mentoring students, administrating for students and staff who serve students, preparing facilities for those who use them, or assisting in any process of serving at Taylor University, you are involved in preparing students to develop and apply their gifts and calling, serve their God, and build the church.

This is exciting work!

We are centered in our Christian belief which is grounded in the truth of the Bible, God's Holy Word.

We do this work because we believe it is central to who we are as individuals and to the church at large to develop others and ourselves to fully grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ. Engage our Statement of Faith and our Mission Statement to see how thoroughly we believe and desire to follow our Christian commitment.

Passion for Students
This understanding, that Christian Higher Education is life changing and meaningful, allows us to be passionate about our work with students.
Excellence in our Work

Because we do our work unto the Lord, and we serve students, we believe we should strive to be excellent in our work. We desire to develop people to be their best and to develop their gifts for this service work. Doing our best for the glory of God, and the development others, give deep meaning to our work.

Come see what all the excitement is about—consider applying your gifts and talents in the ministry of Taylor University!